Thursday, April 01, 2010

Why I Ride

When we met with my oncologist last week, and discussed starting chemo again, he made an "aside" comment and said, "Stay off the bike." I didn't say it out loud, but the thought that went though my mind was, "Yeah... that's not going to happen."

I think some doctors think it is their job to keep you alive as long as possible, regardless of your desire to live life. While I respect what he meant, that is one piece of advice I am not going to take. Let me tell you why...

I ride because it makes me feel free.

I ride because instead of being surrounded by metal and glass, I am surrounded by nature.

I ride because I can smell the fresh air. Feel the wind in my face. Feel the warmth of the sunshine.

I ride because I have an unobstructed view of birds flying. Of deer and geese on the side of the road. Of trees, grass and wild flowers. Of a beautiful sunset.

I ride because of the camaraderie of other bikers. Of being able to strike up a conversation with a total stranger who understands without having to have it explained.

I ride for the simple joy of giving the "biker wave" to fellow bikers going in the opposite direction and being given the "wave" back.

I ride because I love seeing the smile on little kids faces as they look at me and wave frantically to get my attention.

I ride for the adventure. For the joy it gives me.

I ride to see new places. Small towns. Creeks and rivers. Forests and trees. Open plains.

I ride because in a strange way, it makes me feel nearer to G-d.

I ride to feel alive.

For some people, an explanation of why I ride is impossible to comprehend. For those who ride, an explanation isn't necessary.


  1. I do not ride, but I FULLY SUPPORT your need to!! QOL issues extend beyond "their" care and techniques!!

  2. Kevin - I don't understand your doctor's comment at all. Why would he want you to stay off the bike when it's what you love? I could see if you'd just had surgery or if he had said "be safe on the bike" or if you were into something that would interfere with chemo. If you can't make him see that, I'd ask him to limit his advice to things medical.

  3. Hey Kevin,
    I stumbled upon your blog from bellybuttons club.I have a question for you...I ride a bicycle 15 miles a day weather permitting...I just got off of chemo and no oncologist told me not to ride.Why you?
    I refuse to live my life with the "PAUSE" button on due to this cancer and pmp and find myself doing things just to prove it!...I see you have the same attitude....GREAT!
    Yes I agree God is very near through this but he does not pay favors just because we have cancer....he is near for anyone who seeks him. When bad things happen..Gods heart is the first to break.
    I can't wait to have my MOAS,both Sugarbaker and Sardi have never seen kidney involvement like I have...a rare condition on top of pmp, I selected Sardi and he is trying to figure out what to do,but can not wait for my turn to kick cancers ass!

  4. I too do not ride (my son does & must admit the "motherly instincts" of wrapping our kids in cotton wool does kick in at times LOL) and say ditto what Jay said!

    You just keep on riding my friend ... & thank you for putting those thoughts into words and sharing with us because it also makes me understand Scott's love of riding ... almost (note I said almost) makes me want to ride too!!!!

    Thinking of you & Roni and keeping you in my thoughts & prayers ...
    Just Keep Riding!!!!
    Ausse hugs, Kay xx

  5. Beautifully written!

  6. Awesome post, good for non-bikers too! Thanks for sharing it!!

    Sheboygan Dan

  7. Sharon Griffin/PMP CaregiverThu Apr 01, 10:50:00 PM EDT

    Ride on Kevin!

    "To know what you prefer instead of humbly saying Amen to what the world tells you you ought to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive."
    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850 - 1894)

  8. Ride, baby, ride!!!!
    Cynthia T.

  9. Maybe I am too stupid to do this post. I have tried three times and it has not gone through. First was last night and I just gave up.

    Here goes. Ah, you said it all right KEV. These are exactly why people ride. No one has to ride a motorcycle.

    I ride for one other reason. It is a way that my youngest son (age 27) and I (age 63) connect on Saturday mornings. We usually make a one or two hour or longer rides. I feel honored that he and his 20ish friends invite me to ride with them. We are constantly looking for new roads to ride.

    I do have one problem in that I have atrial fib and take Warfarin as a blood thinner. The slightest scrach and I bleed like water. I let them know that if I ever wreck to just kick me over in the ditch, because I will probably bleed to death before help arrives.

    I am OK with this. This is what I love to do. I think this is much less a gamble than cancer. I choose to ride. Cancer chooses the victum.

    We love you Kevin and Roni.

    Start putting tha "o" in God.

    Rob and Becky

  10. Duh??? I have logged into google 14 times, typed and posted my message 120 times and still not there. Am I to stupid to do this?? Kevin, I will send you a PM tomorrow. I wish I did not have this fustration#################